What is Triangle Academy’s educational philosophy?
Triangle Academy’s goal is to create an environment that cultivates the student’s innate desire to learn. The unique Triangle Academy curriculum is constructed to guide each student toward independence and self-directed learning. We emphasize preparing students for life in the modern world, with a focus on science, personal health and global perspectives.

Where is Triangle Academy?
We plan to locate the school in Research Triangle Park, Durham, North Carolina. RTP is the business engine of North Carolina, equidistant from the state’s top three universities, and home to several high-tech Fortune 500 company facilities. We are presently looking at rental space, while future plans include a purpose-built facility in RTP.

What classes are available at the Triangle Academy?
We plan on eight classrooms serving student from eighth grade through twelfth grade. Dovetailing with a full-suite of traditional classroom subjects, our programs will include the following: inquiry-based science learning, physical, mental and spiritual health, optimal social networking etiquette, student-mediated language acquisition and Web 2.0 international classroom integration. We are currently working to develop partnerships with key progressive higher educational institutions.

How do I apply for admission of my student as a student?
Formal application materials will be available once we have established an opening date for the school. We are currently accepting prospective names for our waitlist. To put your child on the waitlist, please complete the temporary application form ($100 fully refundable application fee).

How much are the fees?
Triangle Academy will strive to keep tuition as low as possible while still providing high quality programs. We project annual fees to be $12K to $15K. Scholarship programs will be available subject to student aptitude.

Can I visit the school?
When we formally open, the school will have an open door policy for all parents of enrolled students. Our guidelines will ensure that classrooms are not disrupted by parent observations.

What is the school calendar?
The school will operate on a three-term schedule. Summer school classes and summer camps will be available. Our annual calendar will be provided prior to the school’s formal opening.

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