Triangle Academy aspires to the highest academic standards. Our curriculum will be challenging and demand the best of our students.

Since we aim to prepare students for life beyond school, our coursework will provide real-life situations that require creative solutions. By taking advance placement and college preparatory courses, students will be prepared to enter college at the junior level, eliminating the need for freshman classes.

Our three pillars are science, personal health and global perspectives. Our humanities and athletics programs are designed to incorporate these elements while maintaining the same high standards of excellence. The core curriculum encourages independent thinking and cultivates a desire for discovery through learning. Our students will appreciate the importance of personal values such as managing their time to balance academic, health and social activity.

In addition, the operation of Triangle Academy will meet or exceed all requirements of the State of North Carolina Private School Requirements as specified in G.S. 115C-547-562. The school will be accredited by the State of North Carolina, providing students the preparation and qualifications needed to apply to the top college programs both in the US and abroad.

We plan on having a Course Catalog available shortly. If you wish to be notified when the Catalog is available, please contact us to be added to the mailing list.

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