Welcome to the Triangle Academy home page.

Currently in the concept stage, Triangle Academy is an independent high school that will focus on preparing high school students for the life in the real world.

The proposed educational model incorporates three key skill areas for success in the 21st century—science, health, and global perspective.

To be based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the school will partner with a “twin” school in South Africa, providing students in both locations with what they need to succeed in the global economy.

Both schools will incorporate an exceptionally strong science and language curriculum as well as an innovative exchange program in which students will benefit from practical experience of another country’s culture, language, and scientific emphasis.

Teachers also will contribute to their professional development by visiting the partner school. To supplement the classroom experiences, the school will feature robust social networking platforms tailored to the pedagogic environment, allowing students to exchange knowledge and experiences in hitherto unrealized detail and scope.

A team of Duke MBA students at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business are working with the founders of the school to design a school business development model.

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